What is Play! Pokémon?

The Play! Pokémon programme is an organised set of events that is governed by The Pokémon Company International. Play! Pokémon creates opportunities for casual play in the form of Leagues as well as for competitive play through tournaments, Premier events and even the World Championships!

What is the Pretoria Pokémon League?

A Pokémon League is a weekly gathering where fans of the Pokémon Trading Card and Video Games battle, trade and exchange ideas and tips related to the series. The Pretoria Pokémon League has a casual setting where the focus lies in playing, learning the game and meeting other fans in the community.

Who is in charge of the Pretoria Pokémon League?

The Pretoria Pokémon League operates in accordance with strict rules and guidelines set out by The Pokémon Company International. The league is operated and maintained by volunteers known as League Leaders.

What does it cost to attend the Pretoria Pokémon League?

The Pretoria Pokémon League charges R50-00 per season (equivalent to 5 weeks)

What is a league season?

The Play! Pokémon League Cycle is divided into seasons of 5 weeks each. Each new season brings new stamps, cards and challenges to the Pretoria Pokémon League.

How does the Pretoria Pokémon League work?

At the start of each season (or whenever a player joins a season for the first time) a stamp card is issued to that player.

For each game played, regardless of the outcome, a stamp is awarded to that player’s stamp card.

When a player earned a certain amount of stamps that player is rewarded with special cards, online tokens or even cool badges and keychains!

Each new season brings new stock and a new stamp card – players must complete the current stamp card before the season ends in order to gain all the rewards!

This might seem confusing; don’t worry. The League Leaders will be happy to explain it all to you when you join the league!

What is a Player ID?

All participants in the Play! Pokémon programme will need a Player ID. Player ID’s are issued to all new players when they attend their first league or tournament. Players will use that same Player ID whenever they attend other Play! Pokémon events.

How do I activate a Player ID?

In order to reap the full benefits of Play! Pokémon players are advised to activate their Player ID’s online at pokemon.com. Players will need to create a free Trainer Club Account and then activate their Player ID’s to their account. Don’t worry! It’s easy to do and instructions related to activation is issued with all new Player ID’s!

What do I need to bring when attending a league?

You need to bring your own Pokémon Trading Game Cards or Pokémon Video Game Cartridges and consoles. It also helps to bring a pen, your Nintendo 3DS console and some pocket money for snacks!

I’m new to the Pokémon Trading Card Game. What should I buy to get started?

There are primarily two products in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Theme Decks and Booster Packs.

If you’re new to the game the best place to start is a Theme Deck. A Theme Deck is a pre-constructed 60 card deck that contains everything you need to get started. Theme Decks also contain a rulebook, damage counters and a handy playing mat.

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the game you can start modifying your deck through Booster Packs. Booster Packs contain 10 random cards which can be substituted into your deck. Booster Packs contain rare cards that will help make your deck stronger!

Remember: A deck must consist of exactly 60 cards – no more; no less! So if you plan on adding a new card into your Theme Deck you must take something out too!

Do you sell cards and Pokémon merchandise at the Pretoria Pokémon League?

While the League doesn’t sell any products directly, we have an arrangement with BuyPokemon.co.za. They carry stock of Pokémon Trading Card Game products and sell cards at league every second week. Players can also order and purchase cards from the BuyPokemon website (www.buypokemon.co.za) and have it delivered to the Pretoria Pokémon League for collection.