Modified Format

If you wish to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game at a Play! Pokémon Event like the Pretoria Pokémon League or a sanctioned tournament you will have to construct a Modified deck (unless it’s a special tournament with different rules).

A Modified deck consists of exactly 60-cards, at least 1 Basic Pokémon and up to 4 copies of a card with the same name.

Not all cards are allowed in the Modified format though! In an effort to maintain fairness and rotate cards that are no longer in print only the following cards may be used:


SetSymbolBlack and White.png BLACK & WHITE:

Snivy 2/114
Servine 3/114
Servine 4/114
Serperior 6/114
Tepig 16/114
Pignite 17/114
Pignite 18/114
Emboar 20/114
Reshiram 26/114
Oshawott 28/114
Dewott 29/114
Dewott 30/114
Samurott 32/114
Zekrom 47/114
Reuniclus 57/114
Scraggy 68/114
Zoroark 71/114
Minccino 88/114
Bouffalant 91/114
Energy Retrieval 92/114
Energy Search 93/114
Energy Switch 94/114
Poke Ball 97/114
Potion 100/114
Professor Juniper 101/114
Switch 104/105
Grass Energy 105/114
Fire Energy 106/114
Water Energy 107/114
Lightning Energy 108/114
Psychic Energy 109/114
Fighting Energy 110/114
Darkness Energy (Basic) 111/114
Metal Energy (Basic) 112/114
Reshiram 113/114
Zekrom 114/11

SetSymbolEmerging Powers.pngB&W EMERGING POWERS:

Pansage 1/98
Emolga 32/98
Thunderus 35/98
Woobat 36/98
Gothita 43/98
Gothorita 45/98
Gothitelle 47/98
Drilbur 54/98
Purrloin 64/98
Klang 75/98
Tornadus 89/98
Bianca 90/98
Cheren 91/98
Crushing Hammer 92/98
Great Ball 93/98
Max Potion 94/98
Pokemon Catcher 95/98 Errata issued. No reference needed.
Thundurus 97/98
Tornadus 98/98

SetSymbolNoble Victories.pngB&W NOBLE VICTORIES:

Sewaddle 1/101
Swadloon 2/101
Leavanny 3/101
Dwebble 6/101
Virizion 13/101
Victini 14/101
Tympole 22/101
Palpitoad 23/101
Seismitoad 24/101
Kyurem 34/101
Solosis 50/101
Duosis 51/101
Reuniclus 52/101
Chandelure 60/101
Archeops 67/101
Terrakion 73/101
Landorus 74/101
Hydreigon 79/101
Pawniard 81/101
Cobalion 84/101
Axew 86/101
Druddigon 89/101
Cover Fossil 90/101
Eviolite 91/101
N 92/101
Plume Fossil 93/101
Rocky Helmet 94/101
Super Rod 95/101
Virizion 97/101
Terrakion 99/101
Cobalion 100/101
N 101/101


All cards in this set are legal. 


All cards in this set are legal. 


All cards in this set are legal. 


All cards in this set are legal. 

SetSymbolPlasma Storm.pngB&W PLASMA STORM:

All cards in this set are legal. 

30px-SetSymbolPlasma_FreezeB&W PLASMA FREEZE:

All cards in this set are legal. 

30px-SetSymbolPlasma_BlastB&W PLASMA BLAST:

All cards in this set are legal. 

SetSymbolLegendary Treasures.pngB&W LEGENDARY TREASURES:

All cards in this set are legal. 

SetSymbolXY.png X&Y :

All cards in this set are legal. 


Reshiram BW04
Zekrom BW05
Zoroark BW09
Serperior BW20
Emboar BW21
Samurott BW22
Reshiram BW23
Zekrom BW24
Tropical Beach BW28
Victini BW32
Cards BW32 and up






  • New set will automatically be included in this list.
  • Not all legal cards are indicated on this list. Some older cards (like prints of potions etc.) from older sets might still be legal although it’s not indicated on this list.
  • Only English cards may be used in South African events.